Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So I have decided I need to be more productive and have more motivation! If I want to make my goal of down 30-40 lbs by the time Bailey is 1, I best get a move on!!! I am down like 3 but thats not going to get me very far if I keep sitting on my toosh doing nothing.

I had all these grandliolsm *sp ideas of what I would do being at home....all I do is sit...and clean...and cook....and sometimes, the last two dont get done. I need to be a better wife/mother to make me feel productive.

I want to start doing more crafts, be more inventive/imaginative, learn how to sew like a thousand times better(i can do a baby blanket), couponing (this is how I am hoping to help with finances)(my cousin coupons and then like twice a year she has like a carport sale with all of the goodies she doesnt need and she earns a lot of extra money) therefore I need to start.

Sorry I just needed to vent a little bit of my lazy self...

On a happy note...we got Bailey's 3 month pictures done. I am hoping to get the link in the next day or two and then she will edit the ones I pick and then have the disc within 2 weeks. So excited!!! She was so good and I am sure they are going to be so dang cute!!!

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