Sunday, February 6, 2011


San Diego Zoo, Sea World and Disney Land!!!!

This year my whole family ( all 14 of us) went to California and did the City passes! It was so much fun! I was such a slacker and have very few pictures.
We left on Friday and on Saturday we went to the San Diego Zoo. Which was my first time and it was awesome! That place is huge!!! On Sunday we went and visited the Mormon Batallion and my moms cousin Sylvia and her husband are serving a mission there so it was fun to be able to see them and the newly remodeled betallion. IT was AWESOME!!!! It made you feel like you were actually living it with them where tell you the truth is was quite boring for me! Monday we were at Sea World! Which I love. I love all the shows and being able to pet and feed the dolphins! Tuesday we drove up to Anaheim. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we spent at Disney Land and California adventure! IT was so much fun. It would have been better if I could have ridden a few more rides...but Bailey is totally worth missing out!

Tevan and I!! he really is a cutie but a stinker some times!

 Bryan, Cyndle and Stelring!

 Tommy, Grampy and Lexie!
Grammy, Joy, and a little bit of Tevans head :)

 These are the swings that you go really fast in circles on high! It was super hard to get pictures so I thought I would show how bad I did until I got a few good ones!

 Tommy and Cyndle killing time while we waited for our table at Outback!
 Trying to do a pout face but Cyndle kept smiling!
 We finally got a good one!!
 Cyndle giving Tommy a kiss on the cheek! She couldn't hold it long enought for me to actually get the smack so her mouth is open! Gotta love it!

 As we were packing up getting ready to come home, I came out of our bedroom to get a drink and this is what I found! It was so precious I could not resist getting a picture of them! Tevan absolutely loves his uncle Tommy! They had so much fun chasing, playing soccer in the hotel hall, and just being goofy and loud together...(which neither of them need help with)!!!

It was such a fun vacation and wasn't long enough! I am not ready for real life to kick back in! Next vacation will be even better because we will have our little sweetheart with us! Can't wait for that day!