Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bailey 3 Month Pictures

My baby is already over 3 months old!! Craziness. The day before she actually turne 3 months we had pictures taken by my friend Chandra. She did such a great job!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So I have decided I need to be more productive and have more motivation! If I want to make my goal of down 30-40 lbs by the time Bailey is 1, I best get a move on!!! I am down like 3 but thats not going to get me very far if I keep sitting on my toosh doing nothing.

I had all these grandliolsm *sp ideas of what I would do being at home....all I do is sit...and clean...and cook....and sometimes, the last two dont get done. I need to be a better wife/mother to make me feel productive.

I want to start doing more crafts, be more inventive/imaginative, learn how to sew like a thousand times better(i can do a baby blanket), couponing (this is how I am hoping to help with finances)(my cousin coupons and then like twice a year she has like a carport sale with all of the goodies she doesnt need and she earns a lot of extra money) therefore I need to start.

Sorry I just needed to vent a little bit of my lazy self...

On a happy note...we got Bailey's 3 month pictures done. I am hoping to get the link in the next day or two and then she will edit the ones I pick and then have the disc within 2 weeks. So excited!!! She was so good and I am sure they are going to be so dang cute!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 I finally took pictures of Bailey's room. It is not perfect yet! Some day but here is what we have so far!
 Her Aunt Sarah made her name for her!
 The lamp I am going to add something fun at the bottom of the shade. The jewelry box on the dresser was mine and I am so happy that I still have it to pass it on to her.
 Her crib that I absolutely love!!! It was perfect! Thanks Grammy and Grampy for it! And her bedding is exactly what I invisioned!
 Lanterns that Bailey's Aunt JoJo bought for her shower. I have three hung on each side of her crib. It looks so cute!
 The curtains my mom helped me make. The vallance came with the bedding set. Changing table my cousin gave to us cause they were not using it. I dont use it for a changing table but the shelves sure do come in handy for organizing things.
 Looking into her room from the hallway! The "B" her Aunt Bethany made for her.
 Such a HAPPY Baby! She is always smiling! It is her favorite activity! Especially when her daddy is around!