Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today is Tommy's 22 birthday! He is such an amazing husband and I am so glad that I have him! Thanks to Jason and Bettina for letting us use your house for the party! You guys are great friends! Happy birthday Tommy!!! I love you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cabin Fever!!!

We went up to the cabin in Pinedale to get away for a few days! We were supposed to go to Flagstaff but that didn't work out. It was nice all of our family got to get together for a whole vacation. I think it is the first time since Bryan has been married! We rode quads a lot. Bryan's wife Bethany...her dad let us borrow some of his toys for the week. We had his razor, raptor, and ranger for us to play with as well as my dads two quads. We were all able to go for long rides. We went out to eat a lot and enjoyed the girls funny ideas...well Lexie, Cyndle is a little more mature in a sense. The boys went golfing on Friday and my dad was paying for that so my mom decided the girls got to go antique shopping Thursday and she got to pay!!! It was awesome. I got some cute christmas decorations. Well on Friday we went for a long ride and we were almost back to the caibn and there were these two hills that were fun to jump...and we were going on our last one when all of a sudden we come around and we see the Razor upside down wheels and bottom facing the sky. My mom and my brother were in there, luckily harnessed in and had the roll cage. My moms hair was going every which direction as she hung upside down and all we could hear is her laughing uncontrollably. Quite interesting. Luckily no one was hurt to bad just bumps and bruises that will be sore for a illte while. Sorry not ver many pics, I was having to much fun. We had a bonfire two or three nights and our last night we decided to make Peach cobbler! So yummy!Lexie was so proud of herself because she was throwing the stick for Lilly to go fetch!

Sterling Daniel Rudd...he is so dang cute! He is getting so big I can't believe it. One of the easiest babies in the world!

Lexie loves olives and she thinks it is so funny to put them on her fingers and then bite them off! But watch out! Don't put one on your finger then feed her if you value your finger!

This is all of us at a mexican resturant in Heber. None of us can remember the name of it but we have passed it so many times we thought it was time to try it out. I really enjoyed it. I don't know about anyone else though. You can barely see Cyndle, Bryan is trying to hold her up and Sterling is behing Bethany in his carseat.

Tommy decides that it is so funny to give wierd looks in pictures. So very rarely to I actually get good ones of the two of us. So I decided to show off his ugly face he decided to make at me!

Lexie thought it was a good idea to have sugar one finger full at a time. Her plate was covered in sugar and so were her hands and she loved licking them clean! It was so funny to watch!

Lexie and Cyndle! The two cutest girls in the world! We went and road gokarts in Pinetop and these used to run but now they just sit in a little grassy area and the girls thought they were so fun cause they could be in them all by themselves. It was pretty entertaining watching them act like they were drving.