Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well last weekend was such a good one!  Started out kind of rocky cause I was crazy busy getting ready for Tommy to go on father and sons and doing other things I needed to get done. I dyed my hair dark which is a fun change! Well Tommy left and I was super bored and wanted some girl time. So I texted my cousin Teresa and we went and saw "Letters to Juliet" which was SOOOOO adorable!!! I loved it and it was so fun to be out with just us.  Then on Saturday I had a baby shower for one of my good friends from high school which was so fun. Tommy got home so we were going to run errands like go and pick somehting up at his sisters house and they then invited us to go to lunch and a movie...Buffalo Wild Wings and then to Iron Man 2 which was awesome!!! Then we got home took Tommys truck to my brother in law to see if he can fix the a/c then we went to dinner at Mattas with my cousin Steve and his wife Teresa and then back to their house for games(which is becoming our new Saturday night tradition...2 down and this one we will be up at the cabin with them so 3 for 3) Settlers and Phase 10! Such a blast! We love hanging out with them and we get a long so well and we have so much fun! Then on Sunday we had such an amazing opportunity!!! We were able to partake in the dedication of The Gila Valley, Arizona Temple!!! It was absolutely amazing to witness something so magnifficent and be there with Tommy! I love the Temple so much and am so thankful to my parents for raising me to honor and cherish the temple and all that is means to us! We love to go often and cant wait for more opportunities to go more often. President Monson is absolutely amazing as well as everyone involved on Sunday! So grateful for all that I have and have been given! I love my family and more than anything love my most kinda and sweet husband in the world!! I couldnt ask for a more kindaz and gentle man who understands and supports me no matter what I am going through! I am thankful to his parents for raising him to be the man that he is!! Thanks Claude and Peggy!

And to top it all off!!! SUNS WIN TO TIE IT 2-2 YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA

Well that is all for now. I will try and take pictures at the cabin and update the craziness next week!